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Digital Strategy

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Digital Consulting

Executive Summary //

We are relentless digital growth accelerators who help businesses & brands become market leaders who do things differently.

Designed for entrepreneurs and businesses who value their time freedom, being respected leaders and are always seeking new ways to grow.

We achieve this through creating world class website designs and developing digital strategies that reliably and consistently produce profit.


Terence Kwan @McKinsey Design
‘Passionate and pioneering’ are words that truly express Frank [Wazeter]’s character. Having worked with him recently, one truly gets the sense that he is an individual that thinks thouroughly and thoughtfully about his projects. He is able to find the best solutions and discover untapped opportunities from his customers, while keeping an honest and sincere national business. I’ve witnessed his ability to mentor and successfully inspire and provide honest, experience-driven insight. I would strongly recommend Frank to anyone looking to develop a successful, focused project of any kind.

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Website Design

Having a world class website is the most dependable and consistent way to guarantee sales and organizational growth.
Design Development User Experience
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Digital Strategy

Fit all the pieces of your digital marketing together with your website to achieve "compound" organic traffic growth.
SEO Content Management Digital Marketing
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Digital Consulting

Not sure where you need to focus or where to start? Let's make a game plan based on your situation.
How To What Next Where To Focus

Blog //

Learn how to relentlessly grow your business and how to emphasize the differences between you and your competitors.

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why you need a philosophy of business

In ancient times, Philosophy was central to life. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that Philosophy was simply a ‘design for life.’ Through this design for life, one could reach an understanding and gain a practical road map.
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social media

the art of social media for business part 1

Understanding the difference between social media types and how to leverage them for your digital marketing is the single most critical skill in modern day business promotion. This series breaks down the How's and Why's.
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digital marketing

Is creating content worth your time as a business owner?

Content is king. You need content. Share more value. Similar advice is trumpeted over and over again as ‘what you need’ to do to grow your business digitally. It’s said so much that it gets nauseous hearing it over and over.

Service Principles //

Ask a thousand experts and be told 10,000 different things you can do to grow on the internet. Most work. But which do you focus on for the most impact? Which do you choose?

Most people understand the power of the internet, they just haven't figured out how to make it work to the level they want. After filtering through thousands of possibilities and testing hundreds of examples, we've found a set of core principles for deliberately building success by design (which is what we are most interested in), versus simply relying on "just getting lucky," "word of mouth" or "going viral" like most businesses do online.

But it wasn't just enough for us for those core principles to simply "work." Success principles must also be "evergreen." In other words, they needed to always work and be capable of keeping up with the ever evolving pace of the internet.

Core principles:

  1. Efforts need to be "always on." In other words - they must always be working for you. Always be reliable and relentless.

  2. They must be capable of showcasing or enhancing your uniqueness in business, giving you flexibility to expand, pivot and evolve as necessary on a moments notice. In other words, it must be capable of doing things differently.

  3. You must have 100% ownership of it. If you're going to invest in the asset, you must maintain ownership of it.

Successfully combine these principles together and your business will always be growing while you keep costs controlled and returns predictable.

There are only two tangible products that fit all these criteria: your website & your digital strategy. In addition, expert guidance is required to continually feed and evolve those two assets. Everything else is a tool that helps feed these assets to build up the one universal business objective: grow profits.

We focus our service offerings around these core principles because they are: relentless, enable doing things differently and always grow. All while keeping 100% ownership in your hands.

Website Design //

Transform your website into your best business building asset. Become a market leader.


Thomas W. Thornhill @Cancer Warrior Chronicles
The first three companies we hired were unable to project a sufficient level of skill necessary to fix a broken site. The need to recreate is too great, it takes a more skilled developer with greater skills than it takes to begin over.
Frank [Wazeter] exhibited all the qualities necessary to be successful - listen, and follow instructions with honed customer service skills. He gave me confidence. He gave me dedicated attention and we made the target date because of him.

services include

  • Website Design
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Visual Identity
  • Copywriting
  • UX Design
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Ecommerce
  • Content Management Systems
  • Website Hosting
  • Multimedia Development

We bring together storytelling, brand and a future oriented vision built on a strong technical foundation to craft you a world class website that will be relentless in growing your business.

It's time to do things differently. Get your website working for you.

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Popular Frameworks

Digital Strategy //

Having a reliable digital strategy means more traffic. More traffic means more customers.


John Musto @Infinite Roofing
[Wazeter], we just closed a $45,000 Hardie Board job, that puts us over $1,000,000 two weeks ahead of schedule. Fantastic job, I couldn't have done it so fast without you.

services include

  • Digital Marketing Blueprints
  • SEO
  • Sales Funnels
  • Landing Pages
  • Growth Hacking
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Integration
  • Sales Experience Design

Digital Marketing Blueprints combine data-driven insights with your brand, social media and advertising efforts. This means you are able to reliably and predictably grow your digital assets, rather than relying on "luck" for growth.

Grow organically. Grow boldly. Make your marketing relentless.

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Digital Consulting //

Most people understand the power of the internet. They just don't know where to get started or how to make it work for them.


Lauren Clifton @Durhamtown Offroad Resort
We bought in based on statistics [Wazeter] gave me and now are completely amazed at the outcome. Our business has experienced a 30% increase (over the course of 3 months) due to Frank's persistence and dedication.


Jen Marco @Vocalist Coach
Frank and Alyona have been amazing to work with, attentive to details and so friendly in the process of answering all of my questions. Quick and efficient communication and it was always made easy for this non tech entrepreneur.

services include

  • Website Analysis
  • Digital Asset Analysis
  • Organization Success Habit Building
  • Tailor Fit Digital Checklists
  • Content Coaching
  • Digital Strategy Audit
  • Technical & SEO Audits
  • Strategy Map & Outline

Leverage our expertise to take the guess work out of what you should be doing or what to do next. Combines education with tangible action steps and growth acceleration "check lists" tailor fit to your organization.

Build successful digital habits for you & your organization in order to always be growing.

Let's Talk

Examples //

We work with entrepreneurs and organizations who are constantly striving to be market leaders. Here are just a few of them.

Download Case Studies

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Desired to have a truly amazing multimedia experience.

The Bill Walton Show needed to transform their static wix website into a digital product. We created a custom-built powerful and unique multimedia platform and reduced episode management time from 2 hours to 5 minutes.
Development Design Digital Strategy Digital Consulting
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Wanted to embrace the power of the internet & "Be Next Gen"

Travis Brady wanted to be more impactful digitally, promote empowerment and his philosophy of 'being next gen.' We built a platform that doubled revenue.
Design Development Digital Stategy
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After growing stagnant, they wanted radical growth.

With a hugely competitive advertising industry, Infinite Roofing needed to scale with organic traffic and SEO. We helped them add $1,000,000 in one year.
Digital Stategy Website Design SEO
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They needed to expand membership and build their digital prestige.

The GreaterRNBA needed a new website that'd help build membership and inspire confidence in their 1,000+ member businesses. We built them an incredible platform.
Website Design User Experience Budget-Friendly Development
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After 10 years, their site needed an overhaul.

The Bernie Mac Foundation needed a modern-age website to increase their impact. We created a budget-friendly design that appealed to all age groups.
Website Design Budget Friendly Development
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He wanted to be bold and have a site that'd grow with his business.

Alexander Athletics needed a digital platform to promote the varied services of a startup. We gave them a bold design that built their brand image.
Website Design Landing Page Optimization Copywriting